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Scalable and Flexible Full Service Dine in Restaurant Solution

Operation scalability remains a key corner stone in the Delious Restaurant System. Restaurant owner can begin with a single order POS terminal for its restaurant business and subsequently increase its terminals (POS Terminal or PDA) as its business expand.

Flexible Table Service Features

Intuitive User Interface
Table layout and complex menu items are easily customizable and displayed clearly and orderly for easy navigation

Effective Table Management
Merge, Split, & Share Table Operations are executed easily on the interface so as to improve productivity and reduce customer waiting time

Increase Table Turns
A host of Printing, Billing and Cashier features to facilitate kitchen ticket issuing, billing and payment settlement, thus improving table turns and profitability

Multi Language Support
Different language texts are available for programming, display and printing which enable multi-ethnic employees to perform their front end and kitchen operation with ease. Hence improving productivity and reducing human error